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The Copenhagen Islands introduce a completely new type of public parks in Copenhagen - a “parkipelago” focusing on the place and function of public spaces in the city - both in a local context with rapid urban development along the harbor side, threatening the recreational spaces, but also in a global context with rising sea levels creating new challenges for urban environments.

The islands will be dispatched on suitable locations around the inner harbor, but also find their way to more forgotten and underused corners of the harbor, catalyzing life and activity. Hopefully giving back a little bit of space for whimsey and wonder to the old industrial harbor sides.

Fonded by Statens Kunstfond and Havnekulturpuljen, the prototype CPH-Ø1 was launched at sea. CPH-Ø1 is a 20 m2 hand made wooden platform with a linden tree at its centre. It is a simple and iconic metaphor for an uninhabited island, representing wisdom and an earthbound vitality. By placing it on the water, it creates immediate wonder for people, passing by. This is the first taste of a completely new type of public space coming to Copenhagen. Moveable, floating, public spaces free for people to explore and conquer.

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CPH-Ø1 will be joined by CPH-Ø2, Ø3 and many more. They will serve as platforms for different activities - swim zones, floating saunas, floating gardens, floating mussel farms and a floating sail-in café, all free to be explored by the increasing number of kayaks, sailors, GoBoaters, tourists and fishermen in the harbor.



During summer the islands can be distributed to unused parts of the harbor, serving as an adventurous escape for the increasing amount of kayaks, sailors and general users of the harbor coast line. During winter and for special events or festivals, the islands can be brought together as a super-continent, creating a cluster more easily accessed from the harbor side. 

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CPH-Ø1 is only one of many islands to come. The islands can be adapted to any harbor, with the specific characteristics of the given city, and its need for harbor life.

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